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Arício and Joanna
Ukraine | 2022

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Hello, we are Arício and Joanna

We lived in Kyiv for 15 years, i am from Brazil, Joanna from Poland, both of us we used to run a hostel, a bar and tours in Ukraine, now we maybe lost everything if we dont help Ukraine to fight for their right and integrity.

Since the war started and we left Kyiv, we have been trying to organize ways of helping Ukraine and people we directly know supporting the various field of needs:

– medical
– displaced people
– kids
– military
– infrastructure

We help find places to stay for those that left, transportation, food to Ukraine and people that arrived to EU and can’t afford, equipment for the neighborhood security units of different towns, surgical equipment, medications, radio communication, drones, night vision, boots… so many things needed that are impossible to list. Everyday there is a new need and we spend our time online and on phones to contact suppliers of different countries.

To support government its important, but most of donations are arriving to big facilities, needing to be filtered, reareanged, allocated to transportation and then departing somewhere, what can take days.

Our antwork doesn’t move huge volumes, but we do get a minibus of things driving to places in need and handing over important items to hands.

Everything is a volunteer work.

If you are interested and able to donate, everyday is a different urgent need. These days are bullet proof vests, helmets, clothes and drones for new units leaving the west, some people close to friends and others going on their clothes and nothing else.

We try to post everytime we get new things, most of the time we can’t and should not even show where it went to as everything can be of a target at the moment (we are between Poland and Ukraine).

Please be aware of the facts impacting so many people and spend sometime sharing if you can.

Ways you can help us

You can help us by sharing events in Ukraine with as many people as you know. You can also help by donating so that we can help refugees and also strengthen the resistance movement.

To donate:

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Get to know a little about our life in Kiev


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For those looking for activities in Kiev, we organize tours of the city and surroundings: 10 years of experience and contacts to take you to a wide range of options.


We recently opened São Miguel Bar: a place where Brazilian and Ukrainian flavors meet.

Our house

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Kiev is the capital of Ukraine, fortress on the Dnieper River and known for its religious architecture, secular monuments and history museums. The 11th-century Kiev-Pechersk Monastery is a pilgrimage site that encompasses several gilded-domed churches. It is for its organized objects catacombs with the amusing chambers of other monks and for a collection of gold from the ancient times.

Contact us:


+38 093 850 8609